About us

"The Claretians will be men to keep the apostolic mission to the people alive, to preach the glory of God in all things, to strive for the sanctification of people throughout the world. A son of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is a man on fire with love, who spreads its flames wherever he goes. He desires mightily and strives to set the world on fire with God's love." Saint Anthony Claret

The Claretian Missionaries are a Roman Catholic religious community of priests and brothers. We are dedicated to the mission of living and spreading the Gospel of Jesus.

We do this by living together in community and serving in a variety of ministries devoted to social concerns and issues of justice, peace, and the environment. Our work includes parishes, foreign missions, and publishing; we also have a commitment to reach out to young people, from summer camps and college campuses to the inner city.

The Claretians are committed to seeing the world through the eyes of the poor. We strive to respond to the most urgent and timely needs, using all means possible to care for the spiritual and material needs of others. We give special attention to the needs of recent immigrants, youth and families, leadership training, and spiritual renewal.

The Claretians were founded by Saint Anthony Claret (Claret bio) in 1849. A man on fire with God's love, Claret embodied the special charisms of community, mission, evangelization, and spirituality. The flame is our logo, a symbol of the passion and zeal that are part of Claret's legacy.

As vowed religious we live celibate lives, share material goods, and are ready to be sent on any mission. More than 3,000 Claretian priests and brothers form this community dedicated to evangelization around the world. We minister in over 60 countries on five continents.

We look to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, with special devotion and inspiration. She is our model who listened to God's Word, pondered it in her heart, and actively committed herself to furthering the Kingdom of God. Our official title is the Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but we are popularly known as The Claretians. For more information, contact the Claretians at info@shrineofstjude.org. To learn more about Claretian vocations, contact Claretian Vocation Director Mario Delgado at vocations@shrineofstjude.org , or call 312-236-7782.