Summer Ministry Program

Summer Ministry Program

Every person has a vocation. Whether we choose to be a lay person or a religious, each one of us is called to a life of service and commitment based on the values of the Gospel. The Summer Ministry Program is designed to help each person discover a deeper sense of his or her calling. The program provides a chance to experience a Claretian lifestyle of service, community, and spirituality in an environment that cultivates personal growth.

Service: Participants work with inner-city children and youth in Chicago as well as other social justice involvements. Through the activities and time shared with children, families, and the elderly, the Claretians hope to help all people grow in a sense of self-worth and experience joy and hope for the future.

Community: Participants support each other in their ministries by working together as a staff and by living together in community. They share together in prayer and in daily household tasks, with some time left over to take in Chicago’s attractions.

Spirituality: The program offers an element of discernment through an opening orientation, mentoring, and in the closing weekend retreat. Participants will have time to reflect on their experience in the program while exploring vocation options.

Ministry Opportunities: Some of the various ministries that participants choose from in the Claretian Summer Ministry Program include tutoring, art/music/drama director, sports activities, field trips, medical clinic, legal clinic, hospital ministry, youth ministry, shelter, soup kitchen, home visits, social justice, and neighborhood organizing.

Apply now for the Summer Ministry Program

Downloadable Brochure (600 kb PDF)

Only completed applications will be considered. Completed applications must include: application form (submitted online or through the mail), three completed recommendation forms, and a phone interview. You will be notified of a decision by letter or phone, and if accepted, you will be sent specific directions and instructions.

Participants live and work together in Chicago from mid-June to mid-August. Transportation, room and board, and a small monthly allowance will be arranged and paid for by the Claretians. Insurance is not provided.