Summer Program Group Vocations

Discernment and Service Opportunities

Individuals who express their interest in the Claretian community are invited to begin a dialogue built around their hopes and dreams. This is done in the context of prayer and reflection, and the first step is to make initial contact with the vocation office and vocation director.

The vocation office offers a variety of options for getting to know the Claretians, with options depending on the interest and situation of each person. If an individual is working full time, he is encouraged to seek some time away to experience the Claretian community and ministry. This can take place in the context of a Claretian Vocation Retreat Weekend, where individuals have the opportunity to meet others who are also trying to discover their calling. The retreat provides mutual support along with several opportunities to meet Claretians and experience Claretian life and ministry. Vocation retreat weekends are held several times a year.

If an individual is unable to attend a retreat, visits can be arranged on an individual basis with the vocation office. These visits allow individuals to spend time getting to know the Claretians both in their ministries and also in their studies.

An important second step in deciding whether the Claretians are a good match is to set aside some time to come and experience Claretian life and ministry for a more extensive period of time. Depending on an individual’s situation, this could be three weeks or more. Another option would be to participate in the Summer Ministry Program, an eight week period designed around the needs of the Claretian neighborhood parishes while living in community and experiencing Claretian life. The Summer Ministry Program offers the benefit of a spiritual companion as participants work to further discern their paths.

For further information, please contact Vocation Director Mario Delgado , for additional information about the Claretians or with any questions you may have. You can reach Mario at .